Gaming and Virtual Production


The Team



Roberto F. Garcia Jr

Founder - CEO - Creative Designer 


Writer of the original Paraggonia RPG, an unpublished tabletop RPG setting, Roberto started the journey of turning the original setting into an Unreal 4 game in 2020.

Roberto has studied Cinematography at AIC - Rio de Janeiro - with focus in screenwriting and is a enthusiast and writer of tabletop RPGs for decades. His professional record counts with a decade long experience in company development in the field of technology and construction work having led SEEDtronic in Shenzhen between 2009 and 2013 and after that a few years in contractor business for civil construction in brazil.

Now, after recruiting some talent to collaborate, he intends to harness his experience in project leadership and film making to bring BlackThorne Keep to be.

Bernard Graham

Game Designer/System Designer


Currently working for one of the world leaders in Mobile Gaming, Bernard joined the BlackThorne Keep project early as he believes it is a promising product. Being a professional on the field for over 12 years, Bernard Graham brings to the team his experience in the pipeline production and an extensive knowledge of the industry standards in quality and technology.


Bernardo Sardinha
Screenwriter -  Unreal Generalist


Bernardo Sardinha is our Unreal Generalist and responsible for bringing Roberto into the Unreal World. His expertise of game mechanics and understanding of the unreal toolset is central to the project.

Tony Salto
Software Engineer - Backend Developer


Tony is a accomplished video game programmer with a ton of experience not only in Unreal Engine environment, but all around back end development, having worked previously for SkullFish Studios, Garage 227 among others. 


Pierpaolo Di Pietro

Environment Artist - Level Designer


Known for his popular YouTube channel Unreal Environments, Pierpaolo joined the team to realize the vision of a grand, lush and enigmatic open world. His expertise on scene composition and visual storytelling mixed with a deep knowledge of Unreal Engine toolset brings an invaluable contribution to the project.

Jefferson Neves
Writter - TTRPG author


Jefferson Neves is the writter behind  Belregard, Pallus, Sob a Sombra dos Chifres, Seanchas, Abandonai Toda Esperança and many other Table Top RPGs, placing him among the greatest Role Playing Games authors in the brazilian scene. Major in History, his knowledge of the medieval period and the brazilian imperial era lends both authenticity and originality to the studio historic pieces.



Raphael Madureira

Art Director - Product Designer - Concept Artist


Known for his work as illustrator for Pathfinder RPG, Arena The Contest, Legends of Elysium and many others, Raphael is now in charge of bringing his Design expertise and experience to the studio.


Renan Garcia

3D Artist - Character Artist


Renan Garcia's is an experienced artist with with years of practice on 3D scanning, character animation and design and 3D modeling.